Why The New Google Virtual Reality Gear Is the Best Mobile VR Headset.


According to many sources, the best one in the market currently is the HTC VR headset. However, as the arrival date of the Google Pixels gets closer, I believe that Google VR gear would be the best ever. Here is why!

  1. Cost: Google VR headset, though more expansive now, it is still relatively cheaper.
  2. Hand touch: It has the fabric material now, which  makes perfect sense! It’s something that you would wear on the head. I think this design is brilliant because it makes us less like a robot! The fabric design is ingenious because it makes me feel more human. It feels like wearing an additional piece of clothes, instead of putting on an Armour.
  3. Perfect fit: one of the downside of many generic version is the poor fit for devices. Why is the fit important? It is so important because without the right fit, you will feel dizzy after a very short while, due to the inability to focus your eyes at the right spot.
  4. Google made their own device and headset: I believe that this time it will allow the device to integrate so much better for Virtual Reality because of the matching hardware. A smooth VR experience depends a lot on the capability of the device. If Google invested so much into inventing a new device from scratch and even manufactured themselves completely, then I believe they have put a lot of research and development to allow the device to VR smoothly.

The Google Pixel is a highly anticipated device. I believe this the the device that will bring changes to the market and enable people to experience better VR at a better price.

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