Social Media

Social Media has shifted from an photo-heavy platform to video-heavy due to the popularity of high quality smartphones and a rapid expansion in the internet bandwidth. Our company offers commercial video productions services for business owners to help you stay in the game.

Smart Ads

If you are a frequent social media user, you must have noticed. Facebook, twitter, and Instagrams are increasingly favouring video feeds, which means, if you produce high quality videos on the platforms, more people will see your message and share!

Grab a coffee with our marketing videographers in Vancouver that specializes in social media video to learn more. We offer pro-bono consulting.

Our Work

Our videographer designed and produced these short 10-second-video series a Vancouver restaurant named Mission Kit. These are great for use on the social media as a video ad campaign. In addition, videos would generated more interests and views from the users than photo/static ads.