Quality Video Production Right from Your Smartphone!


We all have the preconception that in order to create professional looking videos, we would need to hire an expert on the trade or get your hands on expensive and extravagant pieces of equipment.

That is no longer the case!

With the advancement of technology, it is now easy, even for the layperson, to record high quality footage on the spot and without breaking the bank. To accomplish this, all you would essentially need, is your smartphone.


Affortable Smartphone Video Editing Apps

Compact and readily-available, smartphones are the foolproof way to capturing HD videos. There is no hassle of deliberating a mutual creative vision with a production agency, and no obligation in making that investment in that DSLR camera more worthwhile after one use. Furthermore, video editing apps can be downloaded right onto the smartphone, and often include more features and settings than typical camcorders offer. An added bonus is that these apps are generally free or available for less than five dollars.


Portable Microphone on Smartphones

And of course, just as how outfits are accessorized with jewelry, there are equipment that can help with polishing up and balancing the faults of smartphone videography. To help with the audio, there is no better alternative than using a microphone. Clip-on microphones such as Rode’s SmartLav+ or a handheld microphone like The Mighty Mic provide better results to your smartphone’s built-in microphone.

Here is what a mighty mic looks like – small and portable.



Stabilizer Makes the A Big Difference

And although smartphones nowadays come default with video stabilizing software, the human hand’s propensity to shake and jitter while holding things in suspension should still be avoided wherever possible. Products like the Shoulderpod and iOgrapher offer great solutions custom built for your smartphone at a reasonable price! Or if a tripod or stabilizer is a little too costly or impractical for your circumstances, a physical surface that offers a level plane will do just as well!

Here is an example of a pro smartphone videographer setup if you really wanna go all out!



Happy shootings!