Facebook Video Ad Case Studies – Motion VS Static| Music Studio Coquitlam


Today we are going briefly outline a social media video ad campaign on Facebook we recently completed for Simusique studio.

Background of Client:

Simusique studio is a music education studio located in Vanocuver. The business has been growing steadily. The client has previously attempted Facebook “boost post” functions without success.


Client would like to launch a new choir class for students in middle school, and would like to use the internet as a lead generation tool.

Our Solutions  – Video Ads on Facebook:

Facebook is a rapidly growing platform as below image. For services such as music education, facebook is an extremely powerful tool due to the users’ demographics.

With the budget determined, we planned for a 4-week campaign. In the first week, we launched a mix of photo ads and video ads. Starting from the second week, we started to narrow down to only the more effective ads, in terms of clicks/view, and following through to the final week.




Below 2016 stats is from Atlas:


Our Findings:

What we found is that video ads always ad a better impression/dollar across the board. The exact stats cannot be released due to confidentiality agreements. However, the ad successfully generated leads – there were parents calling and emailings almost on a daily basis for information on the choir class. In the end, the students signed up for the classes and brought more of their friends. More importantly, the parents used the videos we produced to introduce the class to their friends! They also find it to be more informational and trustworthy than staged photos. We were extremely happy for such a good turn-out and the return definitely has covered the initial expense of the video production.




Remember, a good campaign involves more than money or video. It requires the business to have a website optimized for getting customers interested, genuine graphics and photos, and interesting informations. Please do not use cheesy sales pitch! Customers know when they see something polished. The most important thing is to be genuine and straight-forward about your service. Lastly, if your ad didn’t work, don’t blame Facebook, or any part of the campaign because it could be anything that caused it. For example, seasons, websites, landing pages, population …etc. Before you decide to spend money on buying video ads, talk to a professional, so no money is wasted!

Happy Campaigning!!