About Us

VPV is a corporate video productions company in Vancouver since 2012. We are professionally trained in creative film industry. We focus only in commercial work in order to deliver the best possible content. Don’t just take our word for it. Check out our work to learn more about us.

We’re Open

We believe in a fair and open market. If we open our heart to our clients, you, in return, will appreciate the kind of work we do. This policy allows us to work closely with our clients and create win-win situations for everyone.

We Collaborate

Although we’d love to help everyone, we are unable to do so as a boutique video production company in Vancouver. It is important for you as a business to select a qualified team, and it is also important for us to work with similar minded individuals.

We are looking for businesses that are willing to open their heart, believe in our experience, creativity, and work with us to create the piece that is best fitted for their business. Please give us a shout and get to know us more.

videographer vancouver in action