Documentary: Experimental Music Through the Lens of John Oswald, Frank Zappa, and Edgard Varèse

We are proud to present this piece of corporate video produced for Turning Point Ensemble in Vancouver as a sponsor. Here is a story presented in the form of a documentary.

“Each link in the chain of tradition was made by a revolutionary of its era.” – Edgard Varèse
Experimental Music, also known as Contemporary Classical, Avant-garde, Art Music, or simply New Music is as hard to define as it is to keep up with the rapidly increasing genres of music popping up in concert halls, conservatories, abandoned warehouses, underground rave parties, and music-streaming platforms such as Spotify.
However, there is one thing we know for certain: history always repeats itself.
In this video, Turning Point uncovers three musical revolutionaries from three different eras whose musics defy one another yet co-exist in a symbiotic, timeless creative space — the music of John Oswald, Frank Zappa, and Edgard Varèse.
How has technology changed music? What are the links between rock, rap, and experimental music? What are some new ways of making music?
Watch to learn more about how music bends the space-time continuum.

Facebook Video Ad Case Studies – Motion VS Static| Music Studio Coquitlam

Today we are going briefly outline a social media video ad campaign on Facebook we recently completed for Simusique studio.

Background of Client:

Simusique studio is a music education studio located in Vanocuver. The business has been growing steadily. The client has previously attempted Facebook “boost post” functions without success.


Client would like to launch a new choir class for students in middle school, and would like to use the internet as a lead generation tool.

Our Solutions  – Video Ads on Facebook:

Facebook is a rapidly growing platform as below image. For services such as music education, facebook is an extremely powerful tool due to the users’ demographics.

With the budget determined, we planned for a 4-week campaign. In the first week, we launched a mix of photo ads and video ads. Starting from the second week, we started to narrow down to only the more effective ads, in terms of clicks/view, and following through to the final week.




Below 2016 stats is from Atlas:


Our Findings:

What we found is that video ads always ad a better impression/dollar across the board. The exact stats cannot be released due to confidentiality agreements. However, the ad successfully generated leads – there were parents calling and emailings almost on a daily basis for information on the choir class. In the end, the students signed up for the classes and brought more of their friends. More importantly, the parents used the videos we produced to introduce the class to their friends! They also find it to be more informational and trustworthy than staged photos. We were extremely happy for such a good turn-out and the return definitely has covered the initial expense of the video production.




Remember, a good campaign involves more than money or video. It requires the business to have a website optimized for getting customers interested, genuine graphics and photos, and interesting informations. Please do not use cheesy sales pitch! Customers know when they see something polished. The most important thing is to be genuine and straight-forward about your service. Lastly, if your ad didn’t work, don’t blame Facebook, or any part of the campaign because it could be anything that caused it. For example, seasons, websites, landing pages, population …etc. Before you decide to spend money on buying video ads, talk to a professional, so no money is wasted!

Happy Campaigning!!

Best Practices of Hiring a Local Videographer for the First Time Ever

Ready to Hire A Vancouver Video Production Company?

If it is your first time producing videos for your business and you are looking to hire videographers locally, then this would serve a good guideline to follow (in our opinion) when you hire a new videographer for the first time. Try the following steps – this will make the process much easier.


1. Match Your Brand to The Styles of The Video Production Company 

Videographers are like designers – they have different personal styles. It is important to hire the kind of team that offers the kind of style you are looking to achieve. It would be hard to change them and it would be ineffective to try to change their styles. Some are more romantic, while some are more bold, so pick your style or the types of video productions first!


2. Set your expectation and budget

It is important to set your expectations and budget. I know. You might think that it is difficult to set a budget without knowing how much videography costs first; I beg to differ. I believe that a marketer should have a rough idea of the kind of budget that you can spend on digital medias or promotional material.
Here is how you may break down a budget (please note that this is merely one way of estimating budget and is simplified). For example, you have a budget of $1000/month on advertising. You decided to invest in a series of videos that can be used on social media. Therefore, you would probably allocate the first two month budget into the initial preparation work, which leaves you $2000 for production work. Having this in mind, then you have at least a rough idea of what you can talk about with the videographer.

3. Meet and Discuss Project and Expectations

Once you have settled on the style that is most suitable for your brand, I recommend that you talk to the videographer and set the expectations with them. It is important for you to do research before talking to a videographer so you know what type of video is most suitable for your company.

Something that helps is to ask the videographer to break down the cost for you so you can work with them to see if there is some preparation work that you can help with, in order to lower the cost. Of course, it is always better to leave everything to the production company because it will smooth out the process and make everything go much faster. However, when you are on a tight budget, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to talk to the guys that can work closely with you.


Do some story boarding and planning if possible: