3 Best Video Production Company in Vancouver for Different Purposes

We see our peers in the video production industry as our inspiration, our support, and our motivations. We have heard from our clients that it had been a very long and difficult process for them to select a company to work with because of the difference in style, cost, and process. For this reason, we’d like to wholeheartedly recommend the following professional video studios that would fit different needs. This will be a perfect starting point if you have never worked with a video production company previously.

VPV is a company that puts a strong emphasis on creativity, so we also pick the best for you based on their creativity level. This is very subjective, but we try to use the storyline and video quality as the main measure stick.

  1. Best for Large Corporations

    WINNER: Wyatt Visuals

    Ideal Client: If you are looking to really create a effective ad campaign are are looking to spend big budgets in advertising spend after creating the video.
    These guys are awesome. Their videos are creative and engaging, and are backed by a number of big corporations. If sky is the limit for your budget, look no further. I’m sure they can meet your expectations.
    wyatt visual corporate films

  2. Best For Romantic Films in Vancouver 

    WINNER: Finest Moment Films

    Ideal Client: These guys are the best in creating love story related films. If you have a romantic story or touching story to be created, look no further.
    We believe they would be the best bang for your buck when it comes to touching/romance related subject. It doesn’t hurt to get an additional quote from them. I am sure you will be very well taken care of.
    finest moment romantic film

  3. Best for Music Videos of Emerging Singers 

    WINNER: Hemstock Films

    Ideal Client: Hemstock has tons of experience creating music videos. If you are an emerging singer, hoping to find a videographer to help making a music film story, I believe they will be the best pick because of their experience.
    Their corporate interview style videos are also very well made. It cuts at the right place so the viewers are not bored by the speakers. The people speak naturally, and the scenes engage the viewers through walk throughs of the actual locations. hemstock


The companies listed here are just some that we think are more creative – it would not be a complete list, but would be a good starting point for your search. This list would also be good for anyone who is hiring a corporate videographer for the first time.

Reasons Why Vine Is Shutting Down

The video app that made the headline everywhere since 2013 is officially shutting down, which was announced through Medium.

In the beginning, Dom Hofmann, Rus Yusupov, and Colin Kroll, created the company thinking that it would be a perfect analog to short-form messaging, just like its parent Twitter.

To us, it is a very shocking news, as it was the most popular platform nowadays. But why? We believe these are the following reasons:

  1. The novelty wore off

    • the 6 second loop video is for sure innovative, but it is not bringing value to the audience. Not enough value for people to keep coming back.
  2. Twitter did it indirectly

    • Twitter reportedly purchased Vine for 30 million in 2012 Oct. However, it never gave Vine any major updates to its functions, which caused the users to leave, due to the lack of interests. As we all know, without the users, companies won’t have any interests in advertising.
  3. Vine was too slow to change


What’s next?

From this story, I think we would see more over-valued app business go under, primarily due to the lack of advertisers’ support. I believe it will become a big win for service like live.ly and music.ly, as Vine stars start seeking their next platform and the users follow!

What to keep your eye on

There is a quiet app brewing in the neighborhood called “afterschool”. Keep an eye on it, as it could either become the next thing, or get acquired by companies like Facebook and Twitter.



Would twitter go out of business too?

There is a possibility, but I believe that there is not yet a replacement for twitter. Although most people are not using twitter for entertainment, it is still an important tool for global conversation, sports updates, and politicians. There is not yet a better replacement in terms of speeds and interactivity. Twitter is different from a lot of other apps that it is not only used for entertainment. It is actually an important tool for a lot of government agency to broadcast updates!

Why The New Google Virtual Reality Gear Is the Best Mobile VR Headset.

According to many sources, the best one in the market currently is the HTC VR headset. However, as the arrival date of the Google Pixels gets closer, I believe that Google VR gear would be the best ever. Here is why!

  1. Cost: Google VR headset, though more expansive now, it is still relatively cheaper.
  2. Hand touch: It has the fabric material now, which  makes perfect sense! It’s something that you would wear on the head. I think this design is brilliant because it makes us less like a robot! The fabric design is ingenious because it makes me feel more human. It feels like wearing an additional piece of clothes, instead of putting on an Armour.
  3. Perfect fit: one of the downside of many generic version is the poor fit for devices. Why is the fit important? It is so important because without the right fit, you will feel dizzy after a very short while, due to the inability to focus your eyes at the right spot.
  4. Google made their own device and headset: I believe that this time it will allow the device to integrate so much better for Virtual Reality because of the matching hardware. A smooth VR experience depends a lot on the capability of the device. If Google invested so much into inventing a new device from scratch and even manufactured themselves completely, then I believe they have put a lot of research and development to allow the device to VR smoothly.

The Google Pixel is a highly anticipated device. I believe this the the device that will bring changes to the market and enable people to experience better VR at a better price.