Documentary: Experimental Music Through the Lens of John Oswald, Frank Zappa, and Edgard Varèse

We are proud to present this piece of corporate video produced for Turning Point Ensemble in Vancouver as a sponsor. Here is a story presented in the form of a documentary.

“Each link in the chain of tradition was made by a revolutionary of its era.” – Edgard Varèse
Experimental Music, also known as Contemporary Classical, Avant-garde, Art Music, or simply New Music is as hard to define as it is to keep up with the rapidly increasing genres of music popping up in concert halls, conservatories, abandoned warehouses, underground rave parties, and music-streaming platforms such as Spotify.
However, there is one thing we know for certain: history always repeats itself.
In this video, Turning Point uncovers three musical revolutionaries from three different eras whose musics defy one another yet co-exist in a symbiotic, timeless creative space — the music of John Oswald, Frank Zappa, and Edgard Varèse.
How has technology changed music? What are the links between rock, rap, and experimental music? What are some new ways of making music?
Watch to learn more about how music bends the space-time continuum.