Quality Video Production Right from Your Smartphone!

We all have the preconception that in order to create professional looking videos, we would need to hire an expert on the trade or get your hands on expensive and extravagant pieces of equipment.

That is no longer the case!

With the advancement of technology, it is now easy, even for the layperson, to record high quality footage on the spot and without breaking the bank. To accomplish this, all you would essentially need, is your smartphone.


Affortable Smartphone Video Editing Apps

Compact and readily-available, smartphones are the foolproof way to capturing HD videos. There is no hassle of deliberating a mutual creative vision with a production agency, and no obligation in making that investment in that DSLR camera more worthwhile after one use. Furthermore, video editing apps can be downloaded right onto the smartphone, and often include more features and settings than typical camcorders offer. An added bonus is that these apps are generally free or available for less than five dollars.


Portable Microphone on Smartphones

And of course, just as how outfits are accessorized with jewelry, there are equipment that can help with polishing up and balancing the faults of smartphone videography. To help with the audio, there is no better alternative than using a microphone. Clip-on microphones such as Rode’s SmartLav+ or a handheld microphone like The Mighty Mic provide better results to your smartphone’s built-in microphone.

Here is what a mighty mic looks like – small and portable.



Stabilizer Makes the A Big Difference

And although smartphones nowadays come default with video stabilizing software, the human hand’s propensity to shake and jitter while holding things in suspension should still be avoided wherever possible. Products like the Shoulderpod and iOgrapher offer great solutions custom built for your smartphone at a reasonable price! Or if a tripod or stabilizer is a little too costly or impractical for your circumstances, a physical surface that offers a level plane will do just as well!

Here is an example of a pro smartphone videographer setup if you really wanna go all out!



Happy shootings!

Best Beginner’s Videography Equipment for Small Business Interviews.

If you are tight on the budget as a start-up (which is absolutely normal), we recommend you DIY with the following videography equipments for your corporate interview style video.

  1. Beginner Videographer Lighting Kit (lighting with two stands)

    Be prepared to spend about $600 on a good lighting kit. A good stand will be more solid to save you trouble in the future. If you are not sure what to get, just go to a local camera store in Vancouver BC. I especially like the Broadway Camera guys on Broadway and Cambie area. These guys will be able to help you out with selecting the best one for your budget. Just tell them you are looking to spend roughly $600.00. Please don’t cheap out! These will last you a long time!

  2. Microphone (tethered or wireless)

    This is highly recommended to make your video appear professional. Even if your video quality is mediocre, having a proper audio on the film will make the audience appreciate the video more. If the volume is too low, it creates too much noise when you boost. If your camera is too far away, it tends to receive too much noise. Therefore, please DO invest in a microphone receiver. It costs around $200.00 for a good one. I recommend SONY brand, and it is what we reguarly use.

  3. DSLR camera + Kit Lens

    Camera is the center piece of the quality. It is important, but you do not have to go all out. At the beginning stage, I believe that a DSLR with recording capability, preferably with a rotatable screen, plus the kit lens would work fine, until you can hire a professional to do it. If possible, have two cameras, so you can edit and cut your scenes seamlessly. A small trick is to cut your scene as you change your angles or zooms. We use Nikon cameras, but Canon, Sony, or Panasonic would both work great – whatever fits your bill!

  4. Sliders for Videos (optional)

    A slider is optional for an interview style video. However, to make your video look more interesting, it would be worth it for you to shoot outside or inside your office, while you are talking, so that the audience is not staring at the screen all the time. For this reason, a slider will help with stabilizing and really take your video to the next level. B&H Videos and Photos would be a great place to get these equipments. They run sales regularly, so take advantage of it!


  5. Extra Batteries for DSLR and Microphones

    This is a just in case item, and having extra battery seems to be self-explanatory. What you don’t know about is how fast these videoshoot drain your battery if it is your first time. To be safe, carry extra battery! It will be worth it. I always go with original manufacturer batteries because of the quality. You can try ebay or amazon batteries, but more often than not, the quality is disappointing.